Automotive Club RUN TO YOU

November 2012 – February 2015

Project Leader


Being able to experience the various parts of the automobile development process and the comprehensive operation of an organization, my time at the Automotive club – RUN TO YOU – had some of the most exciting experiences of my undergraduate years. It was the turning point in my life in which I obtained a solid vision of innovating in the transportation industry as an entrepreneur. This vision led me to the current path of investigating robot autonomy and autonomous vehicles.

A summary of my work at RUN TO YOU are listed below:

  • Comprehensive project management of the ‘Behemoth’ project from its initiation to its completion. Managed recruiting, plans, budgets, outsourcing, promotion, and exhibition.
  • Managed the Frame team, responsible for designing and fabricating the frame body of Behemoth via cutting and welding.
  • Renovated Sonador, the off-road vehicle for Baja racing.
  • Participated in the Design team as a member, and assisted the team in designing Behemoth, as well as establishing the brand identity of RUN TO YOU.
  • Managed and motivated team members to pursue entrepreneurship in the automotive industry.


You can find a more detailed explanation of my works on project Behemoth at its specific portfolio page. Below, I attached a video of a drive on Sonador after its renovation. It was the first time I had ever driven a car (before obtaining my driver’s license), on a vehicle made with my own hands!

Extremely happy after the first drive of my life.

Here are the RUN TO YOU members after completing the production of Behemoth.

RUN TO YOU members participated in the project Behemoth: (from left) I, Tae-Woo Kim, Jongsik Moon, Joong-Hyun Park, Jae-Hyung Cho, Sarang Oh, Sihyun Kim, and Sun-Woong Kim.
Meeting with previous Hyundai R&D director Hae-jin Kim ( I am in the green shirt.)

Our club and Behemoth were introduced in SNU Press (in Korean). In the interview, I talked about a vision of making a personal mobility vehicle portable enough to ride and carry around in daily life. After the interview, I kept proposing and testing my ideas on personal mobility in other projects (BMW Presentation, Optimal Balancing Control). I wish to continue my passion for studying and making feasible materialization of the future personal mobility.


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