Hello, and welcome! This is Jason Jangho Choi’s personal website.

I am a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, being co-advised by Professor Koushil Sreenath (Hybrid Robotics Lab) and Professor Claire Tomlin (Hybrid Systems Lab). 

My ultimate vision is to enhance the autonomy of machines to help human society. In particular, I believe that robots’ physical intelligence is the key to automate many inhumane physical labors.    

Although there has been a rapid growth in the robotics technologies for robots’ physical intelligence over the last few decades, there are still many impediments that prevent robots to be deployed in the real world. I think safety is one of the main concerns, since it is directly related to human lives as well as the reliability of robot systems. Therefore, during my Ph.D. studies, I am focusing on theories and technologies that can provide safety-guarantee for robot systems. For more details, please check out my research statement or visit my google scholar.