ETI, Magazine & Young Society for Tech-industry and Startup

March 2016 – Present


ETI is a young society of entrepreneurs who wish to start tech-based startups in the future. Our mission is to exchange ideas, knowledge, and a network of people.


In March 2016, I found Entry into Technology & Industry (ETI) with Gilhyun Ryu as a magazine that delivers news regarding startups and new technologies. The reason we founded ETI was because we wanted to help inform the public of innovative ideas in the tech industry, which many people seemed unfamiliar with. In the fall of the same year, we recruited some new members – Sukchan Ahn, Won-Kyung Do, Jingu Jang, and Seokju Kwon – as our co-founders to transform ETI into a young society of entrepreneurs in Korea.


Our activities are mainly divided into internal and external exchanges.

Internal Exchanges

Internal exchanges are exchanges between members of ETI, conducted by regular and irregular meetings. We present our ideas and knowledge to each other, attend tech-related events, and conduct interviews with promising tech-startups.

Attending ROSCON 2016 held in Seoul
Field Investigation of Real-Estate Industry at new town Gwanggyo in Korea.
Interview with Polariant, a tech-startup making localization technology for mobile robots.
Presenting about personal experience or knowledge related to technology or startup. (Won-Kyung Do is presenting about his research.)

External Exchanges

External exchanges are exchanges of our passion and knowledge in tech startups to other members of the Korean society. It mainly consists of regular article postings on our magazine and Facebook page, and an offline event related to tech startups.

In the magazine, we post important news in the tech industry and introduce interesting startups around the world. We also convey our thoughts and insights on the news and startups so that our readers can share their opinion with us as well.

Main ETI Facebook page, with more than 3000 followers.

Some of the articles I have posted (related topics are social robot, patent, the summary of 2016 tech trend, and self-driving car)

For offline events, since the majority of our members are students, we aimed to deliver our passion for tech startups to other university students. This year, we launched and held the first Seoul National University Tech & Startup Meet-up. Over 100 students attended the event, to participate in seminars conducted by various Korean tech-startups, as well as tech-related clubs at Seoul National University. I was the main curator of this event. I invited Naver D2SF and SNU Idea Factory as both sponsors and collaborating institutions for the event. The main slogan of the event was “Nerds, Be Ambitious.”

The posters of Seoul National University Tech & Startup Meet-up

Here are some pictures:



After the event, ETI and the event were introduced in SNU Press.

Currently, we have two alumni and 11 active members.

Current members of ETI: (from the left top to clockwise) Kyung-Min Kim, Dong-Gi Seong, Chan-Yong Jeong, Won-Kyung Do, Jingu Jang, I, Seok-Chan Ahn, Seok-Ju Gwon, Yoorim Lee, Keunwook Kim, Jung-In Choi, and Tack-goo Yoon. (Gilhyun Ryou is not in the picture.)

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